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Mail Your Medals

A medal may be just one of many for you. But with a personalized handwritten message, your medal could be a powerful reminder of community caring and compassion. Share your success and donate just your own or take up a collection of medals from others. Mail them to us or deliver the medals yourself. The choices are yours to make.

Join Our Team

Join our team and share your time and talents. Whether you volunteer to collect/deliver medals, decorate message tags, reach out to schools or local businesses to encourage involvement or take pictures for our social media sites, volunteers are the heartbeat of WFT. Join a local fleet, a term we use for our chapters, or start one of your own. Your single act of kindness could change lives.

Give Hope

Our organization is staffed solely by an ever-growing community of dedicated volunteers. With your generosity, every dollar you donate goes directly to cover the costs of supporting our mission and expanding our network. Every dollar matters. Donate today and help us make a difference in communities nationwide.

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We’re on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us for the latest updates, positive messages and photos of the amazing acts of kindness taking place nationwide. Then please share our mission with friends and family. You could be their catalyst to put KIND back into humankind.