Share your Medals

Got medals to share?

Here are your options:

Contact a local fleet leader!

Our list of current fleet leaders is listed to the right. We suggest you check for a leader in your geographical area. If there is a leader, please reach out to the leader directly for medal pickup or coordination of a delivery.

No leader nearby?

Email or mail your medal(s) to:

Blake Starr
We Finish Together
1000 Corporate Dr # 600
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Ready to be a fleet leader?

Our fleet leaders are self-starters. They have strong leadership abilities and a network of community connections. They have access to a steady source of medals and are willing to reach out and identify potential medal recipients. It’s a labor of love and kindness and we welcome the opportunity to include you into our leadership circle.

Email with your name, address and cell number to start the process.

To donate on your own:

We love your initiative! Click HERE for our 5-Step Protocol for a Successful WFT Medal Delivery which includes the best practices we have discovered through trial and error over the years.

Photo release form


South Florida
Blake Starr

National Outposts

Breast Cancer Outreach
Cotilya Brown

Cancer Outreach
Melanie Cassitta

College Campus Contact
Aimee Starr

Military Outreach
Carrie Moschetto

Fleets by State

California: Southern Region
Kristin Hakala

Florida: Miami
Karen Lorenz

Florida: Fort Lauderdale
Blake Starr

Florida: Tampa
Laura Sehres

Florida: West Palm Beach
Elissa Levine

Florida, Sarasota
Leslie Sparks

Massachusetts: Boston
Kristen Pagliocco

New Jersey
Keri Mandell

New York
Stevie Lyn Smith

Aria and Nathanaël

Pennsylvania: Western Pennsylvania
Amy Scheunenman

Virginia: Arlington National Cemetery
Connor Stemple